Numerous organizations offer various types of assistance and counseling for those under financial burdens. Please see below for resources on foreclosure prevention and more.

Consumer Credit Counseling of Northwest Indiana

  • Debt counseling, bankruptcy, education, housing & foreclosure prevention
  • More information available here or call 219.980.4800

Housing Opportunities

  • Pre-purchase education/counseling, reverse mortgage, post-purchase education, various foreclosure prevention plans
  • More information available here or call 219.548.2800

Indiana Foreclosure Network

  • Mortgage payment assistance, mortgage modification assistance & transition assistance
  • More information available here or call 1.877.GET.HOPE

Indiana Mortgage Banker's Association

Northwest Indiana Reinvestment Alliance

  • Pre and post homeownership counseling, foreclosure mitigation counseling, financial literacy & small business development
  • More information available here or call 219.931.9300

Additional Resources:

This information is provided for informational purposes. Please refer to the organization, municipality, etc. for further explanantion, requirements and application processes.