MLS Fees

Our MLS fees are applicable to the office as a whole and the individual user.

MLS Participating Office Application Fee $1000
MLS Participating Office Monthly Fee $50
MLS Subscriber Quarterly Fee $125*

GNIAR also offers ActiveKEYs and eKEYs.

ActiveKEYs are available for $280, which includes the $250 deposit and $30 activation fee. Optional ActiveKEY insurance is available for an additional $40. eKEY applications can be utilized on certain smartphones. eKEYs require a $30 activiation fee only.

*Quarterly fees include the use of an ActiveKEY and eKEY Basic. Individuals interested in eKEY Professional are charged an additional quarterly service fee of $17.

Lockboxes are available at no additional cost to the Participant as part of MLS services.